Players are given the character of Gravity Guy, a gravity-flipping robot that has had enough of the gravity laws imposed on the fine citizens of... whatever city this takes place in. You must rush through the levels and evade capture while simultaneously avoiding obstacles placed in your way. The game involves a bit of strategy, as players must sometimes use the gravity controls to move objects to clear paths or trap the police officer that's chasing them. Players keep running through levels until they've either beaten them, been captured or are knocked off-screen.


Title: Gravity Guy
Publisher: Miniclip
Mode: Single-player / Multiplayer
Genre: Runner, Action, Arcade
Platforms: Browser, Android, iOS

You're on the run from the law. You make your way through city streets, attempting to duck under cover and lose the policeman that's chasing you. As he closes in on you, you do the unthinkable: you flip the gravity switch and send him sailing into the air.

Wait, what? Don't worry! You're Gravity Guy, and it's your job to defy both the law and physics as you rush through a series of levels in a fit of anarchy. In a future where gravity laws are strict and the police force tyrannical, Gravity Guy is just the dose of justice that the doctor ordered.

The game sports three different playing modes: Story Mode, Practice and Endless. Story mode is the main game in which players work towards the end goal. Practice mode is helpful for those getting used to the game. The police officer that's normally chasing you is absent in this mode, so it's a bit more relaxing and allows you to get used to the controls and skills of your character. Endless puts you through random levels; you're never really finished in this mode, as it will keep generating another random level until you exit into a different mode. There's also a multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to quadruple your fun!

It's another strangely addicting game, one that players have thoroughly enjoyed so far. It was successful enough to garner support for a sequel, Gravity Guy 2, though that version is only available as a mobile app for iOS or Android. Gravity Guy has over 30 levels packed with nonstop action that will keep you occupied for hours on end. The gameplay tends to get a little repetitive, but it's still a great game at heart. However, we never did figure out why gravity laws were in place. Perhaps they explain this in Gravity Guy 2?