Gravity Guy Android

Gravity Guy Android

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It's time to get fired up! You'll be playing as Gravity Guy, a rebel with a very unusual cause. This new Android game is sure to keep you entertained for long hours as you race against time and the law.

Gravity Guy is a 30-level game about a cyborg fellow who has been captured by the Gravity Police for some reason. We aren't sure why, but his predicament still moves us to help him out. Gravity Guy has escaped from custody and is now running through a series of levels trying to outwit and outrun the authorities. It's your job to guide him on his journey using your special skill of flipping gravity.

It seems simple enough. You run through levels fast enough to get away from the Gravity Police, right? Wrong. Obstacles in your way need to be moved using the gravity flip, and your ability sure comes in handy when a cop is right behind you and you trap him with large crates or other objects. Players can flip gravity by simply tapping the screen. Tapping it again switches gravity back to normal. Players have three different modes of gameplay to try: Story Mode, Practice and Endless, each with their own special features.

To be honest, it's a little too easy to flip gravity. An accidental tap to the screen could send you reeling, causing you to die or fall off the screen. However, it's obviously a fun game to play, one that you could easily waste plenty of time on. It's worth giving it a shot.