Gravity Guy iPhone

Gravity Guy iPhone

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There are plenty of interesting games in the App Store, but Gravity Guy is in a realm all its own. Hours upon hours can be spent trying to beat this game as you speed through levels with your cyborg friend, Gravity Guy.

Gravity Guy's iOS game app provides all the challenge you'd expect out of a good game. You are tasked with outrunning the authorities after you escape from captivity. Apparently, you've broken gravity laws, whatever those are.

One of the great things about the iPhone app for this game is that you can download HD graphics for it, which gives it a leg up on the Android app. That being said, multiplayer mode is basically a joke; no one is ever online to play with you. However, the intriguing level design and challenging gameplay will keep you entertained on your own. Players must use their gravity-flipping ability to move obstacles and evade the Gravity Police who are chasing them through every level. You can choose either Story Mode, Practice or Endless (where random levels are generated until you choose a different mode).

Although multiplayer mode suffers when compared to the Android app, those who like playing alone won't mind single-player. The game's graphics are good for a $0.99 game and the levels engage players in a way that will have them both frustrated and attentive. It's an addictive game with a fresh twist on the laws of gravity.